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The science is clear – emissions reduction, although essential, won’t to be enough to save us from catastrophic climate change and near term societal collapse. The IPCC Oct 2018 Special Report – Summary for Policymakers relies on carbon removal technologies not yet invented in its emissions scenarios. The report by Prof Jem Bendell, University Of Cumbria – Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy – July 2018 makes it clear that things have reached an “end game” state.

The Extinction Rebellion movement were inspired to act by the What Lies Beneath report. This report shows conclusively that the IPCC and governments have ignored the biggest short term threat to humanity. These are the positive feedback loops now kicking in in the Arctic – e.g. loss of reflectivity due to ice cap melting and release of methane due to defrosting land/sea sources. The IPCC has left these effects out of its analysis because it would be too difficult to accurately model the chaotic effects of positive feedback loops. We don’t need models that ignore effects that can’t be modeled accurately – we need sensible scientific analysis of the real dangers. The world is now working out if/how it can stick to 1.5 degrees warming based on these projections by the IPCC, which are wrong. Our carbon budget is pretty much already spent. This means emissions reduction, although important, is not enough. This means we need to start urgent work on engineering the climate to cool it down.

Shutting down debate and research into climate engineering is not acceptable any more.

Join the London Climate Engineers meetup to see expert speakers on the topic – both for and against. The meetup is run by volunteers, all talks are free and will be followed by questions/discussion. All talks will be recorded and accessible online, so please join to get notifications of talks even if you can’t physically come. Sceptics are welcome: this is a debate about our shared climate and shared future. Any member of the public is welcome, not just scientists and engineers.

Climate engineering includes entirely natural methods such as rewilding the ocean and afforestation, both of which could induce massive drawdown of CO2.

For details of a promising and recently proposed climate engineering technology that mimics the effects of earth’s natural cooling from desert dust go to this Iron Salt Aerosol summary page and this Wikipedia page.

We need volunteers to help us with this work:-

  • Member of the public – to help with publicity, organisation and a host of other things. No specialist skills required.
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Computer techies – to help with this site and others.
  • Publicists.
  • Psychologists – to help us understand our normal human reactions to these proposals.

This work is going to have to be a massive team effort by humanity. It can’t be left to the politicians who have shown they are incapable of dealing with the crisis alone. It also can’t be left to the majority of the conventional scientists who have so far been too conservative in their assessment of the risks. We have never been in this situation before and so can’t use the normal processes of science and politics that have been built up and worked for thousands of years.

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